To keep in line with COVID 19 guidelines, we have had to make some changes to the cottages & what we can & cannot provide.

The most important rule of COVID19 is before you start your journey to Spring Cottages, all members of the party, must have their temperature taken.  If anyone in the party is feeling unwell, you must not travel.  You must try to get COVID insurance cover, to help with such situation in cancellation.

If whilst you are staying at Spring Cottages & any member of your party begins to feel unwell or shows signs of COVID19, you must return home immediately, & self isolate, according to the given guidelines.

What we can & cannot provide 

Usually we provide all linen & towels, including dish cloths & t-towels.  Previously, we were not allowed to supply these, however, we are able to provide these & we can supply all the bedding & linen.

However, we quite understand if you wish to bring your own  Linen, duvet & pillows.  Just let me know what you require & would like to do.

We do offer a double size duvet on the double bed,  there are protectors on the mattress & pillows,  you put your own linen over the top.  We also provide pillows, two pillows per person.

With COVID19,  the guide lines are vast & we are doing everything possible to protect our guests & us from any cross-infection.

Guests are required to keep the cottage well aired, whilst they holiday with us, keeping the bathroom extractor fan on, whilst using the bathroom.  It is on a timer, comes on when you turn on the light & goes off sometime after the light is turned off!

When guests leave we politely ask them to leave all windows open on the security catch, to allow the air to pass through.

The key will be in a key safe, which you will be given the code to before arrival. The key will be sterilised for each new quests arrival.  Please lock the cottage on your departure and return the key to the Key safe, locking it.

We will provide your own hand sanitiser, which is  placed to the right just inside the front door, to use each time, as you enter the cottage please.

Many thanks Gina & Ken